Methods for measuring the dc resistance. :: Methods for measuring the resistance


Schematic of a dual bridge

   When measuring very low resistance bridge has a single large errors due to the low sensitivity. Sensitization increases the supply current is limited to the permissible power dissipated in the arms of the bridge. It was not related double ...


Methods for measuring the dc resistance.


     The main methods of measuring the dc resistance is an indirect method, the direct evaluation and bridge technique. The choice of method depends on the measurement from the expected value of the measured resistance and the desired accuracy. Of indirect methods is the most versatile method of ammeter, voltmeter.
    Method ammeter-voltmeter. 

    This method is based on measuring the current flowing through the measured impedance and the voltage drop across it. Apply two schemes: measurement of large resistivity (a) and measurement of low resistance (b). From measurements of current and voltage determine the required resistance.
    The advantage of the method of measurement circuits ammeter and voltmeter is that, with the measured resistance of the resistor can pass the same current as a condition of his work, which is important when measuring resistances whose values ​​depend on the current.